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Paper2 Handout Fall09doc

Paper2 Handout Fall09doc - Paper(weighted to possible 25...

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Paper (weighted to possible 25 points) due December 31 21 , 2009 : Items required to be turned in after the exam day (but you can turn it in any time you wish up to the due date) for up to a possible 25 points (in lieu of writing a second FASB Codification paper as originally planned): (1) a 2-page paper on the convergence of GAAP and IGAAP (IFRS) or (2) a 2-page paper on how your perception of accounting has changed/grown after ACCT 305. See more information below on both of these. Please note that I value application more than definitions of terms – be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of concepts by applying them rather than defining them. It is your choice which paper you write and turn in. You do not have to write both papers – just one of them. 1. A 2-page double spaced, type-written paper on the convergence of GAAP and iGAAP (IFRS): Choose one of the “CONVERGENCE CORNER” topics at the end of any chapters covered. Answer the following questions, making sure you provide specific information:
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