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Pol 101 October 4

Pol 101 October 4 - Often set the agenda for broadcast news...

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Pol 101 October 4, 2010 17:32 Types of Media Different media have distinct characteristics on the communication of political  news o Television News Reaches more individuals than any other news source Provides little depth of coverage Resembles newspaper headlines connected to pictures o Radio News Is largely a headline service Without TV’s pictures All-news stations provide some more coverage but are repetitious Talk-Radio has become an important political force in recent years o Newspapers Have lost their place as the dominant news source
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Unformatted text preview: Often set the agenda for broadcast news sources Continue to be the primary source of news for the educated and influential o The Internet Has grown in importance in recent years Could provide the depth of print coverage with the timeliness of broadcast Media and Propaganda • Factors Limiting Propaganda Effects o 1. Time of Decision o 2. Selective Attention (Exposure) o 3. Selective Perception o 4. Two-Step Communication Flow Candidates->Opinion Leaders->Voters 17:32 17:32...
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