Psych 240 Day 2

Psych 240 Day 2 - Psych240Day2 20:33...

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Psych 240 Day 2 20:33 Learning (stimulus-response) theory Stimulus->response->reward Behaviorism died.  Who killed it? World War II o On the job retraining of drafted psychologists o German refugees with Gestalt backgrounds o Massive governmental funding for “useful science” The Invention of Computer o Information Processing Model (A Computer Metaphor) The Behaviorist Model Stimuli->BRAIN->Response Input->C.P.U->Output Stimuli->Perception, Memory, and Judgment-> Response Perception (Attentional, Encoding) Memory (Storage, Retrieval) Judgment (Inference, Editing) o A Metaphor for the Mind o New ways to collect, analyze data o Status Noam Chomsky o The problem for Behaviorism How to use principles derived from rats and pigeons To explain complex human behavior Language Skinner’s behaviorist linguistics
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Chomsky’s book review Modern psycholinguistics
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Psych 240 Day 2 - Psych240Day2 20:33...

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