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PAZ-Analogy and Irony - Octavio Paz Analogy and Irony.1...

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Octavio Paz - “Analogy and Irony”; Week 09 58.1 what is romanticisim? Maybe include a background on it. Who is Frederick Schlegel ? Romanticism as a literary movement sought a fusion of life and poetry by means of imagination and irony “Romantic thought unfolds in 2 directions which end in fusion: the search for that anterior principle which makes poetry the basis of language and thus of society; and the union of this principle with life and history.” If poetry was man's first language, then each society is built upon a poem 59.2 (see 63.2) romanticism born almost simultaneously in England and Germany Seek to revitalize poetry by integrating it into everyday speech; do this by creating a dialogue between poetry and prose emergence of the prose poem in the 19 th and 29 th centuries 60.1 The union of poetry and prose is a constant among English and German Romantics Coleridge and Novalis, Holderlin and Wordsworth, Blake 60.2 They all conceive of poetry as a vital experience involving the totality of the human being A poem is not only a verbal reality; it is also an act. The making of a poem is not just self-knowledge, but also self-creation; the reader of the poem repeats this act of self-creation, echoing the experience of the maker. With that act, the poem takes its place in history, joining the magical realm The poem, in this act of making and reading, affects reality, transmutes it, changes one's perception of it; an “intervention of reality” life begins to imitate art; we flow and operate according to our art 61.1 who is Calderon? Different to Baroque and Neoclassical views which, while seeking the ideal nature of a work of art, insisted on a strict division between art and life; wheareas Romanticism sought to dissolve the boundary between art and life The Romantics see life as a dream, and it is a good thing, as it “redeems life from the horror of its monotony” Emergence of Romanticism linked with the rise of Protestantism in England and Germany Romanticism was an inward turning of the poetic vision, similar to the inward nature of the religious experience emphasized by Protestantism; opposed to the lavish, ritualized sensibilities of Catholicism. The “individual consciousness of each believer the theater of the religious mystery”; the answers, truth comes from within. 62.2
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PAZ-Analogy and Irony - Octavio Paz Analogy and Irony.1...

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