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Homework%2040 - IE 370 Homework 4 Due Nov 5th Name and ID 1...

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IE 370 Homework 4 Due Nov 5th. Name and ID 1. Why friction is such an important parameter in metal working operations? 2. Indicate 5 advantages of cold working relative to warm and hot working. 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot working? 4. A tensile test is carried out to determine the strength constant C and strain-rate sensitivity exponent m for a certain metal at 1000F. At a strain rate = 10/sec, the stress is measured at 23,000 lb/in ; and at a strain rate = 300/sec, the stress = 45,000 lb/in . (a) Determine C and m. (b) If the temperature were 900F, what changes would you expect in the values of C and m (simply indicate increase or decrease)? 5. Copper is being reduced from a hot-rolled 3/8 in diameter rod to a final diameter of 0.1 in. by wire drawing through a series of dies. The final write should have a yield strength in excess of 50,000psi and an elongation greater than 10%. Use the figure below to determine the range of suitable amount of final cold work. (hint: decide the upper and lower limit of the amount of strain)
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