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Campaign Advertising- o Campaign ads-goal is to reach all of the voters at once. Television was 1 radio was 2 and now lots of internet ads Daisy Ad Most famous political ad in American history. Ran only once. But it was so powerful it was on the new multiple times. Johnson paid for it to be played once but was run many times through news channels and such Willie Horton Ad Became a household name due to the ad. Seen as a racist ad targeting an African American criminal. Against Dukakis Tried to seem tough on defense however backfired. Bush campaign took video and used it to show that Dukakis didn’t know what he was doing etc. Windsurfing ad John Kerry made him seem like a flip flopper o Free campaign advertisements Controversial ads become the story themselves Talk shows Bill Clinton on MTV- boxers or briefs? Played saxophone to seem not as old as opponent Unintended media gaffes when candidates are recorded during times they do not want to
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gov notes 2 - Campaign Advertising-...

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