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The fascinating thing about Psychology is that no matter how good technology gets, we will always have something to learn when it comes to the study of how the mind thinks, because everyone thinks differently. Psychology is the study of how we think process information. There have been countless discoveries in this field and the result of it is a better way of living, medication to treat mental illnesses, and people are being diagnosed and treated at an earlier time in life. As we learn more about how we think, we structure our education system to enhance what we retain at a young age, when our brains are still developing. Small children can learn much more easily than an adult when it comes to a foreign language, this is because when the brain is still developing it can pick up thinks like foreign languages quicker and easier. As a result of this gained knowledge, schools are beginning to teach foreign languages in the lower grade levels instead of introducing an entirely new language to high school students. One of the most interesting things about Psychology is Pavlov’s theory of
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