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psy final 2 - friends celebrities and so forth this is when...

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Many psychologists have different theoretical perceptives but personally I like Fraud’s psychoanalysis way of thinking not because it is sexually based, but because I think it is a way to give reasoning on small habits that I have had throughout my life. Frauds theory is made up of five parts: Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency and true Genital. Oral is the earliest stage and it is the satisfying of the mouth, such as breastfeeding an infant. Anal is the stage when a young human potty trains him or herself, resulting in feeling more independent and accomplished. The third phallic stage is when a young child feels attracted to a mother or father and gets defensive over them. The Latency stage is when a child starts to take the attraction from the parents to other people such as
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Unformatted text preview: friends, celebrities and so forth; this is when the child really develops an attraction for the opposite sex. The last stage is the true genital stage where the child hits puberty and develops into an adult, this stage lasts the rest of a person life and it is the current state of most humans. The reason Frauds idea of development is interesting to me is that because I am a nail biter and I chew on random things such as pen caps, therefore I have an oral fixation that apparently developed at a very young age. I prefer Freud’s psychoanalysis way of thinking mainly because of his developmental theory due to me being able to understand why we develop certain traits....
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