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When looking at my key ideas and perceptive, I am someone who believes we naturally know things such as instincts and development is no different. If someone acts a certain way towards me, this may be because of the way that person developed or one event that caused it. For example, I know of a dog that is very tense around male humans, this is not normal so something must have caused it to act this way. Her previous owner, which was a male, beat this dog, so even though its years later and she is happy and cared for by her new owner, she is still tense around males because of how she developed. I believe the early years are the most important in a person’s life because it
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Unformatted text preview: determines how they will live the rest of their life. As we learn more a more about the brain, we will change our ways on how to develop those who are very young, this change could mean a new education curriculum or treating symptoms as soon as they are seen. When people act a certain way, you have to question the reasons for it; people for the most part are negative because of a past experience that made them that way. Everyone has different emotions and reacts in different ways. The first few years are the most precious because they can make or break the person’s entire life...
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