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psy final 4 - help cope with the disorder while others may...

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When I first started this class, I viewed psychology as the study into the way we are. I thought a majority of the class would be looking into the brain and how it functions and how something so small can cause a disorder. What I actually learned was almost what I expected, I learned a little bit into the way we are and where we are going with new discoveries. When I first came into this class I thought psychology was a set subject with right and wrong answers, I quickly learned that it couldn’t be farther than black and white. Everyone thinks differently, even psychologist thinks differently when it comes to how to treat a specific individual. Some psychologist may want to give a person drugs to
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Unformatted text preview: help cope with the disorder while others may want to have intense therapy sessions to break down the person in order to figure our why they act a certain way. The brain is so mysterious that even though we have learned a lot about how it works, there is still so much to figure out and we might never know how some of the brain functions. The biggest thing I learned from this course was how much development occurs at such a young age. I thought we stop developing well into our twenties just as the body does, but the brain it being molded at such a young age and by the beginning of the teenage years, the brain is almost fully developed....
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