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Deep learning has everything to do with this class because it is a perfect example of how I learn. Online classes usually consist mostly of reading and writing; this class was a hybrid, which gave more interaction between the teacher and student. In my essay about deep learning, I said that deep learning is knowing how we think and process information and learning in a way that will stimulate our brain the best so we can ingest the information. Personally, learning is hard for me when it consists of independent study, interactions are what stimulate me and it helps me learn better. I have definitely experienced deep learning in this class due to the videos and personal discussions held in class. The fact that the class was so personable with everyone giving personal
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Unformatted text preview: experiences made it way easier for me to retain the information and use it in my journal entries. I will keep some of the things I learned from this class forever, such as the story about the real life Ray man who is basically a human encyclopedia. A reason I retained that story so well was because it was a documentary. Due to deep learning, I know that I learn a lot when watching documentaries and this is an example of it. Overall this class was awesome because it worked well with the way that I learn. I was able to give personal testimony and examples in my journals, which helped me, put pieces together and get a better understanding of how I think and learn, which will make me a smarter person in the future....
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