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Journal 2 The Study of genes, evolution and the environment is a topic that has made a lot of progress thought-out the beginning of the 21 st century but there are mysteries about Intelligence that may never be answered. It is amazing that scientists have not discovered the origin and reasons for IQ levels. Yes, hereditary helps, but scientists believe it has to do more with the environment a child grows up in and what they are exposed too. Studies have shown that brighter (not smarter) children start out with a thinner cerebral cortex but it develops more rapidly and for a longer period of time. This research is essential to human psychology and will help us help ourselves in the future. Throughout time people have become smarter, this is due to many factors; technology, education, a world economy to name a few. We will continue to become smarter in the future because of the research being done on the brain today, scientists are researching how the brain is being developed and the outcome of this is teaching methods
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