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psy Journal 4 - Journal 4 As each day passes scientists...

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Journal 4 As each day passes, scientists learn more and more about how the brain processes and responds to information. Brain surgery is becoming a common thing as pieces of brains can be removed to give a person a better life. The Brain has many functions, but three main processes pertain to thinking and intelligence, instincts and emotion. The brain links all of these processes together so in result, humans can act and remember things on a day to day basis fairly easily compared to other species which rely mostly on instinct. One of the most amazing functions of the brain is the ability to reason and problem solve, a slang term for this would be having street smarts, the ability to reason through daily situations. If we are driving and see a car cutting into your lane, your automatic response is to take evasive action to ensure that a collision doesn’t occur. In that moment which took all but seconds, our brain realized what was going on and reacted, many people take it for granted and don’t even think about what just happened in our brain and instead just thought about the physical aspects of it. Some people don’t have it as easily as the average human being, such as the real life Ray-Man. Ken can memorize and recite facts at an astonishing rate, but when it comes to thinking, he is at a
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psy Journal 4 - Journal 4 As each day passes scientists...

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