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psy journal 5 - Journal 5 Everyone is unique and has their...

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Journal 5 Everyone is unique and has their own personal traits that are different but still socially acceptable, but what causes people to have those specific traits? It can be more than just random and traits such as biting the nails, which is socially acceptable but different at the same time, can be caused by an event that happened every early in a persons life that has stuck with them forever. The Human lifespan can be broken up into many sections and full development usually occurs in the early twenties, until then people do things that are very common to their age but prove that they are not yet fully developed. Humans usually, but not always act different when in a group rather than alone, it is proof that as independent as humans are, they could be considered pack animals. These are all parts of psychology that we are learning more and more about every day and it is aiding in development tactics, which will provide a great benefit to the good of mankind. Many psychologists have different methods of explaining development but personally I like Frauds theory not because it is sexually based, but because I think it is a way to give reasoning on small habits that I have had throughout my life. Frauds development theory is made up of five parts: Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency and true Genital. Oral is the earliest stage and it is the satisfying of the mouth, such as breastfeeding an infant. Anal is the stage when a young human potty trains him or herself, resulting in feeling
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psy journal 5 - Journal 5 Everyone is unique and has their...

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