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English 102 - Many European Countries already discourage...

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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Dr. Dugan 26 October 2010 Summary Antibacterial Soup Summary In today’s world, we constantly hear about new diseases being discovered and are warned of a massive epidemic, the avian flu and swine flu are just two recent examples. Antibiotics are generally viewed as medicine meant to cure the body of ailments. Studies have also shown that pumping your body with man made substances every time you get a little sick may be worse than the sickness itself. When someone usually hears “ this kills bacteria” we usually think it is a good thing, but the body has its own bacteria that helps us breakdown food and other tasks put on the human body, taking too much of these antibiotics could result in long-term effects.
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Unformatted text preview: Many European Countries already discourage the use of antibiotics for simple sicknesses and resort to more natural ways of healing. I agree with this writer in that society is scared of the next epidemic but is completely clueless that antibiotics could be harming us. I have always preferred to keep whatever enters by body as natural as possible; therefore I dont take any sort Wood 1 of supplements nor painkillers unless I am in extreme pain. Our daily intake of food contains the vitamins to keep us healthy and I think more and more people should search for natural solutions before resorting to antibiotics....
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English 102 - Many European Countries already discourage...

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