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arguement in disguise - Arguments like this are called...

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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Dr. Dugan 26 October 2010 Summary Arguments in Disguise Summary Ideology is the collection of unstated values and beliefs that inform peoples understanding of the world. It’s apparent to us and we show our values in things we say everyday even without realizing it. We use this ideology to support or disclaim arguments made by other people and make an attempt to be right about our claims. Most good arguers don’t just give each other their opinions, they look deeper to what formed the certain opinion or ideology for this person, was it an event or person that did this?
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Unformatted text preview: Arguments like this are called arguments in disguise because many different things are being argued without even being brought up. Those who are educated because it takes the deep kind of thought to achieve this usually do this form of arguing. I agree with the author in that when I argue with people, I try to find out why the other person believes in what they do. It could be upbringing or a certain event that made this person form a certain opinion....
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