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arguing definitions summary - backing directing attention...

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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Dr. Dugan 16 September 2010 Arguing Definitions Summary Everyone can take sides in a certain argument, but sometimes the argument itself could be interpreting definitions for another argument. These arguments could contain the questions: What is guilt, innocence, responsibility, marriage, love and so on. People try to answer the age-old question everyday in order to pass laws and determine who is guilty of a crime. Definitions prompt us to examine and defend basic definitions that operate undetected beneath everyday life. The thesis statement focuses on the nature of the thing, not its value, there is many definitions for a thesis statement for example, a thesis statement could argue that a particular situation, event, or show does not match its proper definition. Many thesis statements are changed many times throughout a paper to ensure that it covered all the correct basic claims that the author is trying to prove in the paper. The proper support is necessary to ensure that the thesis has proper
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Unformatted text preview: backing; directing attention to particular examples can show the importance Wood 2 to your definition. Hypothetical or fictional scenarios can help illustrate your definition and help the reader know more about what your talking about or trying to prove. Allusions are important because it will give the reader a common part of public knowledge that helps the author prove their point while helping the reader understand better. The most important thing to include while backing a thesis is arrangement. The author must make sure their paper is structured to make the most sense and give the right support at the right time. I particularly liked this article because it gave ground rules for a thesis statement and arguing what is or isn’t. Many times before I used a thesis to explain a main Idea but infect it should be a main argument that if properly backed, can be proven true or false....
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arguing definitions summary - backing directing attention...

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