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arguing value summary - They are working to shape others’...

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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Dr. Dugan 21 October 2010 Summary “Arguing Value” Summary In order to compose a valid argument, we must engage in complex judgments; we must think actively and speak publicly about people, policies, behaviors, laws, products, and even attitudes. In academic, civic and professional settings, evaluations are not personal, they are important to a larger situation-and it is the individual’s job to convince others of a particular way of seeing. People are often in such situations, noticing the negative aspects of something that others around them to not see, and so they must do more than argue an opinion; they must use argument to reveal the issue.
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Unformatted text preview: They are working to shape others’ responses to something-to make others see the same qualities or dimensions as they do. The Writer has several big jobs: Understanding the topic itself, detecting what readers value in relation to the topic, changing the readers values to they see the topic differently and addressing resistance to the change. Writers go far beyond saying that something is simply bad, good, evil, wrong; they seek to show their readers Wood 2 how something harms or helps people. As in all academic writing, the goal is to reveal something so that readers rethink the topic....
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arguing value summary - They are working to shape others’...

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