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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Prepared for Dr. Dugan 2 December 2010 Summary Critical Literacy in democratic education At some high schools across the nation, the teachers don’t do what is best for the students, they do what will give them more federal funding money from the government. This makes it possible for the government to push their agenda on the public school system such as military recruiting. The government can force public school teachers to encourage a military career after high school because if they don’t, than the school wont get as much money. This flawed system effects the students in many other ways as well. Schools get money based on their students average test scores, therefore teachers will
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Unformatted text preview: base their whole curriculum on this test which isn’t bad, but if a student falls behind, than instead of helping the student catch up, teachers will be more inclined to hold the student back so that it wont effect the federal funding. Right or wrong, the federal government has absolute control on what goes on in our public schools because they control who gets what. Politics will determine how the nations youth is educated which is a very scary thought due to Politicians being known as some of the most corrupt and paid off people in our country....
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