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mock feminism summary

mock feminism summary - schooling and would rather be in...

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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Dr. Dugan 28 October 2010 Summary Mock Feminism Summary It is becoming more and more common that black films are being made to appeal to African Americans by portraying Black culture even though these movies are being written, directed and produced by white people. The main reason there are few black people behind the scenes is because most black filmmakers don’t have the publicity and marketing that appeals to production companies. Even the movies that are supposed to represent black culture in a positive manner are heavily skewed and quite sexist. Black Women in movies are seen as lazy, unmotivated people who lack proper
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Unformatted text preview: schooling and would rather be in the house then out trying to help the black feminist cause. Producers make movies to make a profit; they give the audience what they want in order to make money. So far the audiences have not had a problem with black women being portrayed in this light. As of now, nothing is changing in regards to how films are made, someday this problem may become a thing of the past, but as of now black women are portrayed in a Wood 1 bad light in films and most audience just laugh it off, not realizing that this is a big problem in regards to the feminist movement....
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