racism and sexism summary

racism and sexism summary - street where about thirty...

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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Dr. Dugan 30 September 2010 Summary “Racism And Sexism” Summary The question that the writer of this article starts out with is “ how much different is society today compared to society where the Jim Crow Laws were in place?” The answer to this is that racism is still running rampant through society except its in an underground form, the only difference from racism today and in the time before the civil rights movement is that racism is illegal, but it still goes on just as much as it did back then. Racism can be seen the most in the Southeastern United States, many areas are not officially segregated, but blacks and whites live in their own communities and it is odd to see them intermingle and live in each other’s neighborhoods. In the West, there are ghettos where crime is much higher and the majority of the population is black or Latino, the difference is that Black and whites live in the same neighborhoods, I myself live on a
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Unformatted text preview: street where about thirty percent of the families are African American, I didnt even notice the difference until my cousin who lives in New Orleans pointed this out to me because it seemed weird to him, but for me and most people in my neighborhood, it is seen as the normal. Sexism is a problem that is becoming smaller and smaller in the United States today. Women are seen as more and more equal to men especially as the younger, more accepting generation begins to become prominent in the workplace and politics. IN my opinion, the biggest steps in womens rights came with the birth control pill. Women became able to become prominent in the workplace because they went stuck at home having and taking care of children. This has made women more Wood 2 independent and able to fend for them. Women that can fend for them and have kids when they want to arent dependent on men, and are viewed as more and more equal in all aspects of life....
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racism and sexism summary - street where about thirty...

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