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the high education scam

the high education scam - The author says that many college...

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Wood 1 Derrick Wood Prepared for Dr. Dugan 2 December 2010 Summary The Higher Education Scam The author of this article claims that college is nothing more than a scam, a way to create debt so people will conform to employers needs. The author gave examples of people who claimed to have very prestigious degrees and performed and acted very educated. It turns out that these people were frauds but aside from that, they succeeded in their profession that claims it requires multiple degrees, infact those people defied the odds and the stereotype that society has formed about higher-level learning.
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Unformatted text preview: The author says that many college credentials on resumes are fake and that a commission to investigate this matter must be created to ensure that education fraud is put to a stop. For most people, a college education means nothing more than something that goes on a resume to get it through the requirements. After that, a persons character is evaluated which has nothing to do with education level. It may be possible that college is unnecessary and the whole thing is one big mega scam. Wood 1...
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