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Response Paper 2 - The Mystery of Fetal Development...

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The Mystery of Fetal Development Response The article entitled “Parents or Pop Culture?”, penned by authors Kristin J.  Anderson and Donna Cavallaro , was meant to provide the reader with information regarding the choice of role models and heroes made by children, and the background through processes behind these choices. The article describes how the media contributes to possible ethnic and gender stereotyping, and gives suggestions for how these stereotypes might currently be reinforced and how they might be handled in the future. The authors breaks down this analysis of media in the article to separate Television, Film, Music Videos, Animated Media, Comic Books, and other Real Life Entertainers. The not-so-surprising results of their labor showed in the end that across the board there are significant racial and gender differences in characters, and it followed that those children whose race is most positively portrayed in the media are most likely to identify with a character of their own race, and vice versa (Anderson, pg 4.) There are numerous graphs and charts shown in the article on which the authors can base their
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Response Paper 2 - The Mystery of Fetal Development...

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