11-30 Lecture (2) - liberalism-Regulate Business-Pro Labor...

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Dec. 16 th Thursday @ 4PM. . Bartlett 65 11/30 Lecture Some Dominant Ideological Themes in Mass Media The American Dream Hyperindividualism Hypermaculinaty Heteronormaltivity Post-Racial Society Consumerism Hypermasculinity: The way men are often referred to in the media. Stereotyped behavior that is BELIEVED to be masculine. Heteronormaltivity: Automatically thinking that everyone is heterosexual. The assumption that everyone is. Post-Racial Society: Consumerism: Is the path to happiness. Ideology works through a process known as Articulation : Link particular ideas together, even if there’s no natural reason why they should be linked. EX: Maculinity=Violence, Peanutbutter and…. Jelly Hegemony: (Antonio Gramsci) Ideas are seen as common sense, OR just the way they are. *Constantly changing, the limits are constantly being tested, and changed. New ways to understand the world. The power of hegemony can grow to accompany the challenging of the ideas. 12/2 lecture:
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Unformatted text preview: liberalism:-Regulate Business-Pro Labor unions-corporations/wealthy higherportion of taxes cut military spending govt. spending on social programs expansion on gay rights pro-choice public health care conservatism: deregulate business antilabor uninons corporations cutting spnding on social programs no expansion of gay rights anti abortion privatized health care. Media and Ideological Bias: Four Questions Assumptions: 1.journalists, not owners or advertisers, make the decisions about what stories will be covered and how 2.Journalists are ALL liberals 3.journalists ignore objectivity and push a liberal agenda 4.real objectivity would align closely with a conservative ideology The first filter=Ownership The Second Filter= Advertising The Third Filter=Sources The Fourth Filter=Flak The Fifth Filter=Anticommunism MEDIA, IDEOLOGY, AND RACE… (Read Social Inequality and Media by Croto and Hoin) Amadou Diallo (1975-1999) Haitian immigrant....
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11-30 Lecture (2) - liberalism-Regulate Business-Pro Labor...

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