210 Midterm Review Fall 2010

210 Midterm Review Fall 2010 - Midterm Review Study Guide...

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ED 210 • Social Diversity in Education • Fall ‘10 Section: 5 Instructor: Elaine Brigham Defining/Describing Terms Study Tip: Make sure you really understand each of these terms and are able to apply the meaning of the terms in various contexts; they will appear in various ways directly & more indirectly in other sections of the Midterm Exam. Therefore, if you truly understand what they mean and can articulate their meanings in your own words this will help you in the Short Answer and Essay portions of the exam. If you merely memorize the definitions without understanding the concepts, answering the short answers and writing the essay will be more challenging. You must also provide relevant examples for each term from the course content (readings, films, & class discussions). Define/Describe & give a relevant example of each : o Stereotype A generalization about a certain group of based on the characteristics of a small percentage of that group. Example: There is a stereotype that all blacks from cities are criminals. o Prejudice A thought or belief that someone has been on or more people not based on actual experience Example: Someone could form a prejudice belief, such as that they don’t trust black people around their belongings, without actually having any negative experiences on the matter. o Discrimination An act of oppression committed toward another person or group of people. Example: A store owner who neglects to hire people of Elaine Brigham ED 210 Sec. 5 Fall 2010 Midterm Exam Review 1
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a certain race. o Oppression When a privileged group exerts power given by society over a subordinate group. Example: Jim Crow laws. o Internalized Subordination/Oppression When the target group members collude with the oppression of the dominant group. Example: Someone in a wheel chair may start to believe they cannot do certain things because the oppressors say they can’t. o Internalized Dominance/Domination Oppressors see their dominance not as a privilege but as the natural order of things. Example: Someone in the KKK may believe they are actually superior to blacks or Jews. o Target/Subordinate Identity Groups Social identity groups which are not examined or considered valuable because they are not dominant. Example: Women studies are not often considered important in mainstream society because male is the dominant gender. o
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210 Midterm Review Fall 2010 - Midterm Review Study Guide...

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