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Women studies exam - My views on feminist or women studies was that these were a group of lazy women who didnt want to work didnt want to be a

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My views on feminist or women studies was that, these were a group of lazy women who didn’t want to work, didn’t want to be a woman and that they were a group of lesbian who had nothing better to do then to complain about their lives and wanted to be men. When I fist decided to take Women Studies, I only took the course because I needed a Gen Ed. I thought that it was going to be an easy A. My first day in the class completely change my views on Women Studies, my professor started talking about the three books that I was required for the class, while she was talking I just kept looking at my phone to see if it was time to go because I was getting bored. Then she made a comment and said that after taking this course each and every one of us views will change about what we thought Women Studies was all about. When she made that comment I just thought to myself whatever she is just a feminist who wanted everyone to think like her, I didn’t realize that I will later regret those words. The three books we had to read were Ideology and Political Life by Hoover, Women in American Society by Virginia Sapiro and Herland by Gilman. In Ideology and Political Life we learn about Classical Liberalism, reform Liberalism, Liberals and Conservatives. In Women in American Society we learned about gender differences and the history of women studies. Wikipedia defines women studies as an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to topics concerning women, feminism, gender and politics, it often includes feminist theory, women’s history and social history, women’s fiction, women’s health, feminist psychoanalysis and the feminist and gender studies influenced practice of most of the humanities and social sciences. In other to understand the gender differences that exist throughout history and understand the political views that affect gender differences we need to first understand the ideology. Based on Ideology and Political Life, Classical Liberalism is a combination of a marketplace and preventative government in reshaping political thought and hence the design and operation of political systems (decisions/choices/behaviors/actions). Liberals recognizes similarities of people and that an innate goodness exists in humankind. Liberals that there are good in people, on the other hand Conservatives emphasizes differences and distinctions and believe that people will run amuck if institutions do not keep people’s behavior in line. When it comes to how individuals should live Liberals and Conservatives both have different views. Liberals believed that individuals should work together to produce “good life” including ethical forms of government, while conservatives on the other hand believe that not all individuals should have power, they believe that only certain individuals can have powerful positions and they didn’t want to
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Women studies exam - My views on feminist or women studies was that these were a group of lazy women who didnt want to work didnt want to be a

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