Prob 9-11a,b Fig 9-85 solved

Prob 9-11a,b Fig 9-85 solved - 5.6 V = Vth When the...

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Prob 9-11a,b Fig 9-85  a. Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit external to RL b. Use the equivalent circuit to determine Vab when RL = 20 ohms and RL = 50 ohms a. Remove RL and replace first with a voltmeter and then with an ohmmeter. By inspection, with RL removed the 0.2 A current source current will all go through R1 creating  a voltage across R1 of 0.2*16 = 3.2 V. That voltage is in series with E therefore Vab = 3.2 + 2.4 = 
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Unformatted text preview: 5.6 V = Vth When the ohmmeter is applied the E must be shorted and the 0.2 A source must be opened. The ohmmeter will then read 16 Ω = Rth. b. For RL = 20 ohms use V div Vab = 5.6*20/(16+20)= 5.6*20/36 = 3.11 V c. For RL = 50 ohms use V div Vab = 5.6*50/(16+50)= 5.6*50/66 = 4.24 V...
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