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I would include some very effective changes that would benefit the business. First, employee reviews that offer job coaching and constructive feedback would be effective. The intent is to assist the employee in building their skills, not to criticize and demoralize. The coaching could also include incentives to further motivate an employee; this would also show the employee recognition for their work with measurable results. These changes would impact the business by motivating employees to stay with the company and reduce turnover. Furthermore, employees would be encouraged to work harder and put forth more effort than the minimum required. This would raise productivity and make employees feel as part of a team. This involves HR managers having to incorporate within their scope team management, general
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Unformatted text preview: remote work obstacles, performance management systems, professional growth paths, and dissimilar workers. These issues, in turn, create a cost-effective workforce plan. Dissimilar operational issues are mostly reliant on the products or services that are being offered and the location of the county in which the company is dealing with. There are customer dissatisfaction concerns, political concerns, recurrent changes, and output concerns. There has to be an infrastructure to sustain the offshore operations of the company. Operations can potentially be affected as a result of recurrent modifications in the seller workforce. Politics also affects overall tasks in an off shore environment as a result of differences in standard operating procedures....
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