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Unformatted text preview: wamm CHEMISTRY no- UNIT 2 TAKE HUME TEsT FLA E E F it‘d-ii. ANSWERS 0N THE SPA EEE’JJNES Pitt) I- 'HJEIJ nil-1' Ti iifir' .rt.‘t'.‘i'll Hi .‘i'ii'i: iii! SHUH" ALL WERE TD RECEIVE AN? EREHH'I— STAPLE H' H} THIS SHEET. WA TCH SIGNIFICA NT FIGURE-3!!!! Part I- Coniplcte This Table {Shut-t All World} u'oriir .1 points await rmrl' Nip-onus torm' gimole Jams 1:. thermal}; _ animate mm | I I. . I 3} (:le-sClfiflJ _ ' 4.] ."~.'. Ill'” molecules 4i it" H-IJ'JP'HJ ' ll. loll-l mol l siatrcueeoo, _ aestsg PART ll- Complete The Following Problems {Show All Worm] north 3 pain-rs rot-it omi i ope-mm mmt' Use the {allowing balanced chemical eq nations in order to answer the Following stoichiurnetrgr questions: a: 3 Foo tsl +1NH_trg} —- 3 Pets} + taste]: + 3 Hail] tat lf'fldtifi g of ieacl {ll} oxide are reacted with escess ammonia. how roan}.r mics of lead solid can be produced" _ mole T]: 2 311+ 3 Br; ~—+ I AIBI'j When 3 '2! g of Br; is reacted with escess aluminum. how many moles ol'stiBt'. product are actually I'cwicl'ctl' mo 11: PART lll~ Complete The Following Problems {Show Ml “- ark!) nor-tit i.‘ Forms r-rnir ”mi .2: porno Balance the following chemical equations and then use them to answer the stoicliionsetrgr questions: 3} _Eufi'1siaa} + _ Ahtiiflihtao} —- Aicl_l[flqi + E‘ufifli tat ”:15 g ol‘hlgiSfllij are reacted with excess CaCl; how many moles ofCaSDs can he ororluccd'.’ a: wise} + MgCl;{aq} ... KCliaq] + my; to It' Sojfl g oi'potossiuiu ohosohide are reacted with excess magnesium chloride. how many moles ol’ potassium chloride product are act ualljr recovered? DWAI'I'IBI'II 'i Page 1 ...
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