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Title: what qualities,skill and personalities which does Bernstein thinks a good teacher should possess?Also reveal your opinion. According to Bernstein,as a good teacher,he should be have the following qualities. Firstly,he is consumed with the care of his students.Then,he is eager to his subject.Thirdly,he always want to have a chance to make difference.Also,he is able ttake stands for what he believes is correct.Moreover,he knows the outside lives of his students and finally he never stop recognizing own learning of the students,of material,of how to connect the students with material. He believes that a good teacher should be patient since this makes one could constantly find out what difficulties which students encounter and what students need.Also,the teacher should also be attentive so that he could understand if the students follow the lesson and who falls behind. As a good teacher,he thinks that one should possess the following skills.Firstly,he could
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