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Title:Why Bernstein thinks that the knowing about students’ live benefits both the students and the teacher?Also reveal your opinion. According to Bernstein,if the teacher knows students’ outside live,it values their activities.Then,the students will consider the teacher is one worthy of trust.As the result,students will be willing to come to the teacher and clarify their needs and difficulties in academy.After that,the teacher adjust for the lesson so that every student could catch up. Knowing one’s own outside live is also vital for students themselves.Since they can connect their learning with the live,they could reach the real educational issue.If they only know how to get high score or think every problem by one way without taking their own outside live into consideration,they will not succeed in the society.If they think lesson is just something about score and could not link to the real live,they will gradually lose their excitement which originally make them go the school. Actually,I think knowing about outside lives of students is helpful to the success of the
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