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Composition_2(Q4) - Title:Why 1 in every 5 teachers quit in...

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Title:Why 1 in every 5 teachers quit in their first year?If teaching is bad,why do so many schools of education graduate teachers?Also evaluate the American teacher given your experience with them and compared to the teachers in your own country. According to Quindlen,there are two reasons why the teacher quit school in their first year.First of all,the salary is woefully low.The average starting salary of a teacher is just thirty thusands a year.That seems to be enough for a young teacher with no mortgage and kids.But it is not sufficient for others.Once the neophyte teachers find that they can even have less work without working as teachers with much troublesome work,they will quit being a teachers.Secondly,the students are not motivated enough.The current students usually make excuse to quit school.Some of them even have no parents and so no supervision takes on them.McCourt,a teacher,asked his students to write excuse notes once time.The results range from “a family epidemic of diarrhea to a sixteen-wheeler truck
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