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Composition_4(3) - Title:Sake argues that students come...

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Title:Sake argues that students come from poor background face huge difficulties in becoming academically successful.What’s his solution to that problem?Also show your plan to solve this problem. According to Sake,the academic achievement measures the academic success.Thus,poor students should get as much education as possible to get more academic attainment such as degrees.To achieve this result,public school should provide citizens an opportunity to lern and ensure that those opportunities are equal across the lines of class and race. On the other hand,I have several ideas to make students academically successful.Fisrt,the government provide financial aid without strict limitation of application to those impoverished families.Since students coming from poor family usually need to work to afford part of school fee,they cannot concentrate on their academy exclusively.Once they have received the financial aid from officials,they probably do not need to work and can put more time on studying meanging that they have higher chance to get academic attainment.
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