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Title:According to Michelle Tokarczyk,what are the problems facing working class students,and what are the approaches solve them? According to Michelle’s essay,the working class students do not get their authentic needs since the educational institute neglect them.For example,according to John Alberti notes,most american students cannot enter the elite institutes.Students succeeding applying to 4 years institutes are isolated examples.That means most of students,including working class students,are made invisible in the community.An other example is that some faculty and less elite private institutes refuse to recognize that their working class students have unique needs and treat them as if these working class students are studying in elite schools. Also,many colleges have scarcity of resource.For example,schools cannot easily hire more faculty members so they increase workload of those teachers working on these schools.A teacher may teach four even five courses in a semester.Thus,the National Council of Teachers of English recommend a cutoff of fifteen students in these classes.As the result,the working class students have lower chance to get involved into the classes.The publication requirements for tenure increases meanwhile.These workloads make teachers cannot devote
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Composition_4(4) - Title:According to Michelle...

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