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Title:Compare the motivation,study skills nd future goals of your friends studying in universities with those studying in PCC.Explain the difference and similarities between them. Usually,my friends studying in universities have high motivations and PCC students have low even no motivation in learning.The difference between their attutide can be explained at several aspects.At the financial aspect,university usually requires more expensive fees than college does.To reduce the economic stree applying on the students’ families,the university students usually get a part time job.Since part of the school fees is devoted by the those students taking a part time job,they will have higher determination to study.This phenomenon should be easily understood.For example,you get a IPod and you will use it with care.If the IPod does not belong to you ,you will take less care when you are using this IPod.On the contrary,college students hinge on their parents exclusively so they have no need to get any job.Also,compared to the university students,PCC students need to spend
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Composition_4(5) - Title:Compare the motivation,study...

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