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Composition_5(2) - Title:What is the evidence that Hulbert...

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Title:What is the evidence that Hulbert uses to show that boys lag behind girls in school? According to the article,Lawrence Summer,the predisent of Harvard,said that boys perform consistently below the girls on most tests of reading and verbal skills and lag in college enrollment and degree attainment.He said another fact that young American men corrently earn 25 percent fewer bachelor’s degrees than young women do after late 1970’s. This gender disparity also happens among black party.According to the Urban Institute study,black women presently earn twice as many college degrees as black men do.Same case appears among white race.White women earn 30 percent more bachelor’s degrees than white men and about 50 percent more master’s degrees than white men. Christina Hoff Sommers,wrting “The War against Boys:How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men”,denounced a touchy-feely,cooperative,progressive echos that she said undermines boys’ performance and school engagement.
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