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Composition_6(2) - Title:Underrepresentation of Black and...

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Title:Underrepresentation of Black and Latino.Academic Boot Camp helps to fix this underrepresentation. Black and Latino students in America are underrepresented.Some education researchers,according to the ariticle,explain that the residual effects of slavery and segregation,thw stigmatization of high academic achievers by their minority peers,and the lack of minority role models among college administrators and professors all contributes to the underrepresentation of black students and Latino. Academic Boot camp acts as one of the ways to close the performance gap between races.Skidmore,a elite college,provides two programs,Higher Education Opportunity Program and Academic Opportunity Program,to its students.These program require students to take part in the academic boot camp in which students need to stay four and a half weeks to take intensive writing course,and a course in which they muts and write analytically about the ideas of figures.The academic boot camp succeeds in improving students writing
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