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Title: Merits and demerits got by the NCLB. The NCLB,No Child Left Behind,is a educational agenda proposed by the American government.By flagging difference in student performance by race and class,this plan shins a spotlight on longstanding inequalities and could appeal attention to the needs of students neglected in many schools.Also,the plan insist that all students deserve qualified teachers,the law has stimulated recruitment efforts in states where low income and “minority” students have long experienced untalented,untrained teachers.By the time this law was proposed,several studies had showed that teacher quality is a critical influence on student achievement,and teachers are the most inequitably distributed school resource.This first- time-recognition of students’ right to qualified teachers becomes historically significant. However,the NCLB has its shortcomings despite these success it had made.Fisrt,the plan foucues too much on the testing rather than investing.Leaving high-spending schools
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