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Hok Lam Chong ESL 33A 1:00-3:40PM American education: Problems and solutions. American education is regarded to be world-class and despite of this advantage, it still has its problems. American education fail to tackle the problems arose from racial discrimination, sexism, working class student, standardizing tests and inequality in distribution of educational resources. Racial discrimination exists in many races in the America. This problem do not necessarily occurs in races other white student, but also can occur within the white student. Alexie, indeed a Indian kid, looked like a white boy because of his U.S. government glass when he was studying in first grade in tribal school. He was fought by his Indian schoolmates and had different nicknames such as “crying-like-a-White- boy” throughout his first grade.(Alexie, p.26) Moreover, this racial discrimination also occurs in the races other than white students. For instance, Alexie, same Indian student mentioned above, was directed against by his English teacher. His teacher once assigned a junior spelling test to him, and Alexie finally accomplished the test with full credits. His teacher crumpled his test and asked him to eat the paper. After that, his teacher attempted to kick Alexie out of school but failed. She was then out of temper and called Alexie “Indian” three times.(Alexie, p.27) Other example of racial discriminations include that black children are unduly penalized and have less chance to get into special education and that African-American girls are not given same encouragement as white girls toward academic endeavors.(Delpit, p.139,141) Sexism is another severe problem existing in American education. Some careers are traditionally regarded as male’s career or female’s career. This belief made some jobs
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consist male students or female in high percent. For example, cosmetology, child care and other low-paying fields are typically female jobs and technology, plumbing, pipe fitting and other high-paying job are typically male jobs.(The Washington Post,p.129) Because of this belief, girls and boys cannot always associate their field of interest with the classes they study. For example, girls fully fill the cosmetology classes, child care classes, health-care class and so boys fully fill the drafting classes, computer installation and repair classes and automotive classes. Furthermore, boys usually monopolize discussion in the classroom, and women are likely to be silent. The professors also pay high attention on boys, make more eye contact with men, wait them for longer time to answer, and more likely to remember the their names. (Sadker,p.97) Sex-segregation, likes sex-segregated seating patterns, occurs in schools
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research paper (1) - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33A 1:00-3:40PM...

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