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Hok Lam Chong ESL 33A 1:00-3:40p.m. School violence in America and relevant solutions School violence in America is not a novel phenomenon but has been changed over several decades. In 1940, public school teachers hailed the top discipline problems as chewing gum, running in the hall, making noise or littering. In 1990, same group of teachers took the survey but regarded the top discipline problems as drug abuse, robbery, pregnancy, rape and assault (“How to prevent school violence”). School violence involves variety ,and the causes behind school violence involve diverse aspects and several solutions may apply to those problems. School violence should be divided into two catalogs, psychological violence and physical violence. Psychological violence may involve verbal violence likes name- calling, sending malevolence instant message to others, threatening others. Such violence generally does not really cause severe result, but opposite, physical violence can vary between two extremes. Niggling types comprise pinching others or pushing others on the hallway, and serious types consist of school shooting and murdering schoolmates. Without considering how serious the violence is, all of the violence mentioned above belong to school violence. Poverty will be one of the causes leading to school violence (Earnestine). Urban environment tends to have a higher poverty rate causing joblessness and irregular employment. Adults lies idle for a long period of time and have abnormal behavior such as using weapons and being provoked easily. Adolescents influenced by these parents and pattern their parents’ behaviors, when studying in schools. Domestic violence is the second cause. If the one of the parents in the home is abused frequently, kids living in such family will take the verbal or physical abuse as the norm, view violence as a solution to dispute and see that stronger one in the dispute is always the winner (louise). Consequently, they will likely become a abuser in the future. Out of necessity, both parents may need to work to make living and support the family. This leads to lack of supervision over the kids who then regard themselves as boss in the home and start bully their siblings. Bullying on siblings set up the foundation of bullying their schoolmates. Violence on media learned from early stage of kids is the third trigger of school violence. When having been young, kids watched cartoons on the television once
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having free time. According to some statics, 47% of the violent acts shown on the Television cause no harm to everybody, 86% of the it causes no negative results such as death, penalty or destruction on any buildings, and 73% of the time the “bad guys” won’t get any penalty (Louise). After watching such programs, kids will think that violence is acceptable and kill is fine. Consequently, kids will develop a foundation for violence in the later stage. Similarly, sometimes youngsters may observe that other adolescents commit crime with impunity. Such a experience gives them a message as
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Research Paper 2 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33A 1:00-3:40p.m....

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