topic writing 4 - Title:PCC acts as help to make studens...

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Title:PCC acts as help to make studens access to educational success. PCC is one of the wonderful colleges in Los Angenes. That representatives make 600 visits to PCC annually to recruit PCC students makes it continues creating high rate of transfer to 4 year institute.PCC also provides variety of quality courses to students.Possessing broad area and brilliant and complete facilities,PCC always offers a comfortable learning environment to students.Most importantly,PCC consists of complete subunits assisting students in academy and career.Indeed,PCC students generally have strengthes and weakness in achieving their goals and recommendation of how PCC assists them to obtain triumph. Many students in PCC seek for transfer to renowned 4 year institute by attending PCC’s courses.Johnny,a Asian student,was not familiar with the university system including UC and Cal State in America and had no idea which university he should get involve to in the future.He felt gald that transfer center helped him by giving him the information and catalogs of diverse 4 year institutes.Transfer center arranged representatives from universities to host talks in PCC.Jennifer,a PCC student,aimed to enter UCLA.She had no idea about how to complete the general education requirement for UCLA and didn’t had complete educational plan for her coming years in PCC.Fortunately,PCC counseling service allowed her to have a
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topic writing 4 - Title:PCC acts as help to make studens...

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