topic writing 5 - Title:Proposal to improve education in...

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Title:Proposal to improve education in Hong Kong The Hong Kong education system has its own rooted problems in different level which includes primary schools,secondary schools and universities. All students in Hong Kong are require to take a public exam called CE to get into Advanced Level(AL) secondary schools.Then,after finishing the AL,they are required to take another public exam called AL Exam.If attaining certain AL Exam scores,the students are then approved to get into universities.The following proposal is issued to improve advanced level secondary education solely. First,English teaching should be imposed.While Hong Kong becomes more and more international,trades between local business and foreign cooperations increases dramestically.If not mastering English,Hong Kong students cannot get the entrance to the local business so their jobs.If a native want to establish a business,he also needs to be able to speak English so that he can recruit foreign customers.Also,at the educational aspect,the AL curriculum for science major only taught in English,if taught in English in all subject,Hong Kong students could be extremely familiar to English teaching when they get to AL secondary schools.That approach helps them to deal with the AL curriculum smoothly.CE and AL are other factors to support English teaching.Since the Education Department stipulates that English in CE Exam and AL Exam must be attained passing scores if a Hong
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topic writing 5 - Title:Proposal to improve education in...

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