writing topic 3 - T it le:Hong Kong teachers strengths and...

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Title:Hong Kong teachers’ strengths and weakness. Hong Kong teachers has long been complained for deriving students’ freedom in learning.They give students many rote work and make them become a “memorizing mechine”.For example,Hong Kong teachers often ask senior students in high schools to memorize answer keys for the public exams,so the students can gratify the markers and get excellent grade in public exams.Some parties,however,claim that Hong Kong teachers have their advantage since they push the students to get good result in public exams and help students succeed getting into university and finally getting marvelous job.Indeed,Hong Kong teachers have both merits and demerits. First,Hong Kong teachers give rote work to students and this approach make students strengthen their knowledge at early stage.When one learns a language or a subject new to him,the first thing he must do is memorizing.For example,we need to memorize the twenty six letters of the alphabet before learning English writing,reading,and speaking.We need to memorize the theorems before learning any natural science classes,such as Chemistry,Physics,and Mathematics.Because all the advanced knowledge bases on basic theorem and skills,one must first memorize the basic knowledge before learning any new things.Hong Kong teachers tend to give rote work to students to achieve this goal.For instance,English teachers in elementary and high schools also request students to do dictation,exercise books,and sentence making under the teachers’ instruction.These work make students to memorize the grammer,vocabulary,and
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writing topic 3 - T it le:Hong Kong teachers strengths and...

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