Writing Topic(2) - T it le:Interview at least 7 PCC...

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Title:Interview at least 7 PCC students.Find out their struggles,goals,and plan of action to achieve these goals and their recommendations for how PCC can help them to do it. PCC students generally have their goals after finishing the college.I am going to show some PCC students’ struggles,goals,plan,and their recommendation how PCC helps them to reach their goals. Philip,one of PCC students comes from Hong Kong working class family,he works as chef in Odd Town Pasadena and is taking ESL level 1 currently.Striving for good English reading skills,writing capability and speaking ability,Philip thus enters PCC college.Philip’s goal,finally attaining a profession degree in professional cooking school and make living in USA will be easily reached after he has proficient English reading and writing ability.Therefore,Philip decides to take some basic English class in PCC such as ESL 460,a reading class,to improve his reading skills.Philip does not plan to enter any university since he realizes that he does not have any interest of studying and taking a lot of major or other GE class means waste of time.Therefore,he simply just takes ESL class to improve English,one of the
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2010 for the course ENGLISH ESL 33A taught by Professor Martin during the Spring '09 term at Pasadena City College.

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Writing Topic(2) - T it le:Interview at least 7 PCC...

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