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33A Noun Clause and Gerunds

33A Noun Clause and Gerunds - bedroom for pregnant Nanny 9...

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33A Noun Clause and Gerunds 1. What question Andrew usually asks himself is why he becomes a businessman. 2. Andrew rejoiced about how many salary he got from his first job. 3. That factor developed hand-loom made what weaving skill Andrew’s father possessed became useless. 4. Working as a “bobbin boy” serves a valuable apprenticeship for Andrew’s later success in business. 5. Andrew’s family resolved to join their relatives over America for starting a new life. 6. When Walt is working for the ranching, learning to become a competent housewife is all Nanny needs to do. 7. Because luring him with gambling is always a good tool to stimulate him, Hal finally shot the Indian chief. 8. The landlady whom Nanny deemed careless said that she could only leave a small
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Unformatted text preview: bedroom for pregnant Nanny. 9. Living in wild West made Nanny a competent housewife, so Nanny preferred riding on a house in a plain rather than ever being confined by tradition. 10. Walt’s brother said that his ranch was burnt by Indians, and that Walt immediately returned to the ranch made Nanny worried about hr husband’s life. 11. Walt, whom Nanny’s parents deemed rebellious, still succeeded convincing Nanny to live with him. 12. How the Black Wolf and his colleagues treated Nanny made her realized that Indians did not deserve any sympathy. 13. Making joke with Nanny, whom Walt’s partners deemed funny, crashed the stiffness between Nanny, the only woman, and the men....
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