compostion 3 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m 1:30p.m How...

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Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m. – 1:30p.m. How the trails in James’ life and Sarty’s life make them mature men. Having a single-parent family and being a black, James lived in a harsh condition with limited assistance and needed to be highly independent because of that he was the oldest son in the family. Having a father, a pyromaniac usually hit him or even forced him to convict crime, Sarty was always under his father’s control to do undesirable things. These unpleasant experience, however, were the momentum to make them become mature and sophisticated. Some trails in these stories make the protagonists understand that sometimes family and tradition make them cannot possess their own idea and thinking. James was once time forced by his mother to kill his favorite birds for food. He did not want to do that but have no choice, and finally kill them with a fork. Under the family pressure, he needs to behavior with his parent’s favor. In the same story, the college student insists that everybody should question everything around the world but not simply just believe everything without evidence. This approach makes a severe conflict with the brief of God, which everybody believes it without palpable evidence, and is generally rejected by most people at that time. This sense makes James understands that
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compostion 3 - Hok Lam Chong ESL 33B 10:30a.m 1:30p.m How...

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