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Sentence Patterns: Imbedded Clauses 1. When Walt, whom Nanny married, was hunting for range, Nanny spent a year with her grandmother. 2. When Hal, outraging Black Wolf, returned the ranching, the Indians had already left. 3. Nanny whom the landlady gave limited help later came to a doctor delivering Nanny’s first infant. 4. Walt’s brother report the attack from Indians to Walt after Nanny gave birth to her
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Unformatted text preview: first infant having made the couples rejoice. 5. The boy said that when he was smoking, Walt came back. 6. What Nanny has learnt made her sophisticated when she was living in the ranch. 7. Black Wolf, shot by Hal, was outraged and ruined the ranch where Walt and Nanny had bred many horses and a dog. 8. Walt attended the roundup at which cowboys planning to sell their cattle to market gathered together....
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