More Absolute Phrases and Participles 2

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1. After Frank bets on Charley his pitching shoe kept intact for sixteen years, Charley’s feet were bleeding. 2. Charley ironically laughed at Frank whom Lucy was not married with. 3. Lucy nudged Charley when a woman whom Charley thought sang like a chicken pretended the bird’s sound. 4. When Frank, his checker skill was much lower than Charley’s, played checkers with Charley, Lucy and Mrs. Hartsell were playing rouge. 5. Mrs. Hartsell, whom Charley disliked, usually invited him and Lucy to play cards, but Charley didn’t want to go and listen about her sons whom Mrs. Hartsell usually
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Unformatted text preview: talked about. 6. When Charley was worrying about the vacation coasting him considerable money for rent, his son-in-law helped him to rent a house with lower expenditure. 7. Because Charley, strongly criticizing Frank, made Lucy embarrassed, Lucy had not talked to Charley for two days. 8. Franks claimed that if he played pitching shoes with Charley, Charley would lose to him. 9. Charley, after Frank and his wife had left, met another couple and had a harmonious time with them. 10. Lucy nudged Charley, after Charley said that the woman sang likes a chicken, to make him shut up....
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