More Absolute Phrases and Participles

More Absolute Phrases and Participles - generally. 6. If...

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More Absolute Phrases and Participles 1. When Nannie patterned the people their darning brought to the host’s home, my mother was shock. 2. The boy smoking cigar claimed to see Walt his sombrero and chaps making him seemed like a cowboy. 3. Nannie loved Atchison because the foolish convention having brought up the people whom Nannie was like did not apply. 4. Although Nannie’s parents disliked Mr. Alderson his rebellious spirits making him seemed to be unreliable, Nannie had full confidence about him. 5. Nannie, to whom her cousins retorted, remonstrated that her cousins played piano, but indeed playing instrument which convention in Atchison allows is deemed proper
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Unformatted text preview: generally. 6. If Mr. Aldersons father had not suffered from illness for which he came home, Nannie might not marry with with him. 7. When Alec, seeking for trousseau, was crying in front of Nannie, Nannie finally decided to help him make wedding dress and veil. 8. Alec asked Nannie if she can make a wedding dress when all white weavers refused to make trousseau for his wife. 9. Nannie, although her parents disagree to her marriage with Mr. Alderson, promised to be engaged to him. 10. Nannie spent, when Mr. Alderson was seeking for a ranch, a additional year in her birthplace, Union....
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