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More Clause Practice - Black Elk was writing his profile...

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More Clause Practice 1. What Black Elk had never seen was Wasichu, white men. 2. After the battle, Black Elk moved from the original camping site and didn’t know where he went. 3. Wasichu whom the Indian initially treated well made little islands or the Indians before they started fighting. 4. After several U.S soldiers were killed in 1866, the Sioux whom Red Cloud led was allowed to keep their territory. 5. After the winter came, settlers fought with Native American whom was later sent to reservation after the war. 6. After Black had died, Neihardt published what Black Elk had told him about Black Elk’s tribal life. 7. What language used by Black Elk was translated from his tribal language when
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Unformatted text preview: Black Elk was writing his profile about his tribal life. 8. Wisichus whom the Indians promised to give some land wanted to build a road through the tribal country, but the Indian didn’t want that road of which the bison will be scared. 9. When the white men came to the tribe at the first time, Black Elk had never seen them, but everyone attempted to take a war with the white men because someone said that the white men were going to rub all of the tribe out. 10. What Black Elk asked his grandfather was why people said that Wasichus are coming if horseback see a prairie full of bison....
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